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Pool training smallSPSNL is offering the one-day Introduction to Foreshore & Underwater Archaeology course on Saturday, June 30, 2018. The course is part of the training program offered by the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) of Portsmouth, England. The course is taught by Ken Keeping, Senior Tutor with SPSNL and/or Assistant Tutor Neil Burgess. The course is open to SPSNL members and others interested in learning about nautical archaeology and how to conduct wreck surveys. If you want to take part in SPSNL shipwreck projects in 2018 and beyond, this course is required. This course is a prerequisite for taking the 2-day NAS Part I course, which we are also offered on July 1 & 2, 2018. The course is open to scuba divers and non-divers.

Cost for the Intro course is $75 for SPSNL members and $125 for non-members (so it makes sense to join if you take the course). To participate in the diving portion of the course, participants need to already be certified Open Water scuba divers, and need to provide or rent their own diving gear. If you are interested in taking both the NAS Introduction and Part I courses, we have a special price for new or renewing SPSNL members: only $150!

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Memory Mug Up: Bell Island

SPSNL is helping organize an event for sharing stories about the U-boat attacks and sinkings at Bell Island in 1942. It is happening at the Bell Island Community Museum on Friday, July 20.


Bell Island Shipwreck Exhibit

SPSNL is partnering with the Bell Island Heritage Society to create a new online museum exhibit on the Bell Island Shipwrecks. SPSNL members will carry out the historical research, and will gather old photos, eyewitness accounts and video of the sinkings and the shipwrecks today. The new website will be launched as a Community Story on the Virtual Museum of Canada in 2019.

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