Shipwreck Preservation Society

of Newfoundland & Labrador

SPSNL offers two types of memberships:

Full membership-

  • full access to all training, workshops and events run by SPSNL
  • the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting and in elections
  • the right to run for election to the Board of Directors
  • full access to shipwreck information on this website
  • full membership for a year from January 1st to December 31st is currently $40

Junior membership-

  • junior members shall be anyone under the age of 16
  • junior members shall not have voting rights
  • junior members may be given permission to access some or all of the full membership benefits, for the purposes of advancing their education if permission is obtained, in writing, from the President of the SPSNL
  • public access to shipwreck information on this website
  • junior membership is free if you are under 16 on January 1st



Bell Island Shipwreck Project

SPSNL is supporting the Bell Island Shipwreck Project in partnership with Daniel Rees, Rebecca Smith and Ken Keeping. The first round of survey dives on the PLM-27, Lord Strathcona and Saganaga were completed in early August. More survey dives are planned for this fall. Check the SPSNL Facebook group for details.


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