Shipwreck Preservation Society

of Newfoundland & Labrador

The Mission of SPSNL is to advance the awareness, documentation and stewardship of shipwrecks throughout our province.

The Objectives of SPSNL are to:

  • promote the study, documentation and appreciation of Newfoundland & Labrador shipwrecks, and training in the historical, archaeological and diving methods needed to achieve this goal;
  • promote the preservation of provincial shipwrecks through diver education and wreck protection activities; and
  • promote a public awareness of shipwrecks and the importance of our nautical heritage to the history of Newfoundland & Labrador, in partnership with local communities and cultural heritage organizations.

All SPSNL initiatives are founded on values of fellowship, inclusion and respect.

NAS Introduction & Part I Courses

SPSNL is offering the NAS Introduction and Part I courses in Foreshore & Underwater Archaeology on the July 1st long weekend. Information and registration forms are available below

MORE INFO: Introduction course

MORE INFO: Part I course

Bell Island Shipwreck Exhibit

SPSNL is partnering with the Bell Island Heritage Society to create a new online museum exhibit on the Bell Island Shipwrecks. SPSNL members will carry out the historical research, and will gather old photos, eyewitness accounts and video of the sinkings and the shipwrecks today. The new website will be launched as a Community Story on the Virtual Museum of Canada in 2019.

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