Shipwreck Preservation Society

of Newfoundland & Labrador

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The Shipwreck Preservation Society of Newfoundland & Labrador (SPSNL) welcomes anyone who is curious about shipwrecks in our province. What are your interests:

  • diving on shipwrecks?
  • researching the history of shipwrecks?
  • exploring for shipwrecks?
  • identifying and documenting new shipwrecks?
  • surveying and mapping known shipwrecks?
  • photographing and videoing wrecks?
  • protecting shipwrecks?
  • promoting shipwrecks as tourist attractions?
  • learning more about the nautical history of our province?


But the SPSNL does not welcome anyone who wants to remove artifacts illegally from shipwrecks!


Scapa Flow Shipwrecks

SPSNL announces a presentation on Wednesday, March 11 at 7 pm by Norman Turner:

German Navy Shipwrecks at Scapa Flow, Scotland.


NAS Intro Courses

SPSNL will offer two NAS Introduction to Foreshore & Underwater Archaeology courses in spring 2015. Dates for the first course are April 18 & 19 and for the second course are May 3 & 4. If you are not yet a SPSNL member, maybe it's time you joined us!


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